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Satisfy today’s snacker with a broad selection of candy, chips, pastries, bars, and more.

Snack Vending Machines in Princeton and Surrounding Areas including Cranbury, Hamilton and Trenton

Employees need a way to recharge during breaks and having a reliable, well stocked vending machine in your Princeton or surrounding area break room is the ideal solution. Capitol City Vending offers state-of-the-art snack vending machines that are built with the latest advancements. Users can pay with debit or credit card as well as mobile device via Google Wallet or Apple Pay. Infrared sensors inside the snack vending machine monitor if a product is delivered, and if not, trigger an automatic refund.

Our dedicated veteran vending route drivers will stock products ideal for your location. We are happy to customize the selections with your favorite items, including healthier alternatives. Choose from a huge variety of trendy, popular choices, including the leading national brands. Create a snack vending machine customized to your exact needs.

  • Modern, state-of-the-art snack vending machines
  • Customizable with today’s most popular snack selection
  • Cashless payment acceptance: cards and mobile
Snack Vending Machines in Princeton and Surrounding Areas including Cranbury, Hamilton and Trenton

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Ensure your employees and guest have the best vending experience possible. Capitol City Vending installs new snack vending machines that include a guaranteed product delivery system built in. The infrared sensors detect if the selected item is dropped into the delivery area. If not, the machine automatically refunds the full purchase price.

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No more lost money or wasted time finding a snack when you choose Capitol City Vending for your snack vending machine needs at 800-870- 0317 (local: 609-392-0317) or email info@capitolcityvending.com.

Our service area includes but not limited to the following counties: Mercer County, Bucks County and Burlington County as well as these the following cities: Princeton, Princeton Junction, Cranbury, Lawrenceville, Ewing, Plainsboro, Hamilton, Trenton, East Windsor, West Windsor, Hopewell, Burlington, Bordentown, Hightstown and Pennington.